Los Angeles, California – September 5, 2007– The Helvetica Group announced today that it is stepping up its acquisitions of distressed hard money loan pools. Hard money pools typically consist of those loans that do not fit conventional or even sub-rime guidelines because of very low credit scores, lack of income documentation, high debt-to-income ratios, foreclosures or bankruptcies, but have very low loan-to-value ratios i.e., less than 65%.


“Competition for hard money loans and closed loan acquisitions has been fierce in the past several years, but since the market has all but closed to the securitization of this type of mortgage, we have seen a substantial increase in loan pool opportunities and at attractive discounts,” stated Chad Mestler, President and founder of Helvetica. “We anticipate that with the recent shakeup in the mortgage and credit markets there will be a storm of mortgage bankers looking to unload hard money and sub-prime loans before their creditors force them out of business. We have increased our staff and raised additional capital in order to satisfy increased demand. Unlike many mortgage bankers, we are a portfolio lender and we do not rely on Wall Street securitizations to raise capital. As a result, we are not as affected by the liquidity crisis the market is now experiencing.”


About the Helvetica Group

The Helvetica Group is a real estate investment banking firm specializing in real property, asset-based, hard money lending and mortgage banking. Helvetica is a direct lender and invests on behalf of individual investors, trusts, pension plans, retirement funds and institutional investors representing over $1 billion in combined assets. We work closely with brokers, bankers, lenders and financial advisors as strategic partners to provide clients with fast access to financing, affording them the opportunity to quickly leverage their real estate assets. The Helvetica Group and its affiliates provide alternative financing secured by a variety of property types including: residential, retail, office, apartments, storage, RV parks, mobile home parks, light industrial, mixed use and other special use properties. CA Dept. of Real Estate - License #01366104. For more information, please visit www.helveticagroup.com or call 1-888-8NO-FICO.


Media Contact:

Chad Mestler, CEO
The Helvetica Group
11620 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 575-3301



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