Helvetica offers diversification to its high net worth, pension fund, and trust investors through real estate partnerships. By investing in a partnership or fund, an investor has the ability to participate in a pool of trust deed investments. If you are interested in becoming a fund or trust deed investor, contact our investor relations manager.


Investing in Alternative Real Estate Assets

Alternative real estate investing is an elusive asset class.  Traditional brokers and financial advisors rarely direct their clients to these types of assets primarily because their firm cannot custody the investments and as a result, they lose the capital and cannot charge fees on the assets.  It’s unfortunate, but true.  Some advisors, in an attempt at altruism will direct their clients to such investments in a holistic attempt to balance out a portfolio.  Our experience has proven that alternative real estate investments should be a significant part of any balance portfolio.


Aggregating Capital for Greater Alpha™

At Helvetica, our goal is to aggregate investor capital to enable our investor group to attract better deals and negotiate better pricing.  It’s no secret, the more capital you have the more deals you see; the more deals you see the better price execution you will have.  Collectively, we represent close to $500 million in investor capital consisting of over 300 investors.  Our network represents a closely linked family of investors with a long history of collaborative investing.  Let’s face it, the more capital we have, the better investments we create for ourselves, friends, families and investors.   Unlike other firms, our investor group not only provides capital, but networks for deal flow.


Helvetica Alternative Investments

The Helvetica team offers our investor network the following proprietary investments and secured fixed income:



:: Distressed Assets – We serve as a principal in the acquisition of REO pools from banks and lenders through one of our Helvetica Funds® allowing sellers the ability to liquidate non-performing assets, particularly bank-owned or foreclosed real estate while offering investors the opportunity to participate in a discounted investment.


:: Mortgage Backed Securities– We originate, underwrite and fund loans secured by commercial and residential properties.  Investors are offered equity interests in one of our Helvetica Funds® allowing for more diversification across a larger loan portfolio.


:: Participation Loans – We originate, underwrite and special service high equity, fractional and whole loans secured by first trust deeds on non-owner occupied residential as well as commercial real estate.


:: Residential Rental Properties – We target high yielding single and multi-family residential properties in select areas to acquire, lease and manage for rental income and appreciation.


:: Commercial Properties – We target commercial property acquisitions that allow for immediate fixed income but also provide for longer term appreciation by identifying market inefficiencies and value-add opportunities.


:: Managed Portfolios – We advise investors in the setup and management of custom portfolios invested in alternative real estate investments through our Helvetica Portfolios®.


:: Tax Deferred Accounts - Helvetica assists investors in the setup and management of a tax deferred account (e.g., SEP IRA, 401K) with self directed custodians allowing investors the opportunity to create tax deferred fixed income.