CARLSBAD, CA, September 22, 2012 - The Helvetica Group today announced the closing of Helvetica REO Investors Fourteen, LLC, a $5.0 million value-add real estate opportunity investment pool.  The pool is a short term investment vehicle and is the most recent in a series of Helvetica-sponsored investment pools targeting distressed residential real estate organized since 2007.  Pool members investing in REO XIV include family offices, private investors, pensions and tax-deferred accounts as well as a significant sponsor investment.

5000000l reo xiv

REO XIV seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns without using leverage, with the same value and real estate investment strategies successfully utilized in prior Helvetica REO pools.  REO XIV plans to target distressed real estate investments including short sales and bank-owned residential properties primarily in Southern California. This pool has a short term investment strategy and will likely be liquidated within the first 12- 18 months.


REO XIV oversubscribed in less than 30 days. "We are pleased that the interest in REO XIV was strong in a challenging and turbulent economic climate and we continue to appreciate the confidence and support that our investment partners have shown in the Helvetica team over the past several years," stated Helvetica CEO, Chad Mestler. "We will continue to work hard at mining alternative real estate investments for our investment group that achieve above average risk adjusted returns and with short term time horizons."



The Helvetica Group is a a real estate investment bank and family office providing innovative private lending, distressed asset acquisitions, brokerage, investment management and family office services. Helvetica aggregates investor capital in pursuit of greater alpha by targeting diligently underwritten, alternative investments secured by real estate assets. Since 2001, Helvetica has sponsored dozens of investment pools and has financed, acquired and managed over 1,000 residential and commercial real estate related assets.